Money and Human Design

Have you struggled with money in your life? Have you ever felt the pressure of not having enough? In this episode, I’m talking about how abundance shows up through your specific type. Use the tool of Human Design to start experimenting with your type, strategy, and authority to open yourself up to a flow of …

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Manifest By Design

We’ve already talked about goal setting for the year, so in this episode, we’re going to jump ahead to the different types of transformation arrows… specifically the manifestation and perspective arrows in your chart. Are you a specific manifestor? Or a nonspecific manifestor? Check out the bottom right arrow in your Human Design chart. Download …

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What’s New in 2022

First podcast of the year! In this episode, I share my feelings on first of the year goal setting and how Human Design can benefit your growth and goals not only for the year… but for your lifetime! Download your Human Design chart now. Book a reading with me.

Meet the Soul Genius

My first guest interview and it is GOLD! We talked about business and life. How she’s incorporated Human Design into every area of her life and how she’s leading other women of the world to show up and live their best life. Meet Jodie: Jodie Rodenbaugh is the founder of School of Soul Genius here …

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Follow Your Heart- Part 2 (Ego Authority)

The Heart center continued… This episode is specifically about the Ego/Heart Authority. Inner authority elevates self-actualization to a place of pure awareness. So if you’re an ego authority… eat your hearts out!

Follow Your Heart

The heart center, also known as the ego, is the center of willpower and commitment, and self-esteem. It’s a powerful motor center that gives us the willpower to survive through the material plane. It has cyclical energy, moving through the power for work and rest. The Heart/Will Center is responsible for manifesting things on the …

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Holidays By Design

The Holidays are upon us! This time of year can be super stressful for many people and we may tend to fall back into our not-self themes. Some tips for you to get through less stressed, more powerful, and in full alignment with who you are! For those of us who are in our Human …

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Travel By Design

A lot has changed with travel in the last year, but don’t fret… I have some tips for you to travel by design. Don’t stress about travel this season, I’ll share some of my best general travel tips, as well as how you can check in with your authority when making travel decisions, and some …

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Journal By Design

In the most connected time in history, we’re quickly losing touch with ourselves. Overwhelmed by a never-ending flood of information, we’re left feeling overstimulated yet restless, overworked yet discontented, tuned in yet burned out. This episode is about exploring a new perspective on how to plan your day and life by your design. How to …

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