Meet the Soul Genius

My first guest interview and it is GOLD!

We talked about business and life. How she’s incorporated Human Design into every area of her life and how she’s leading other women of the world to show up and live their best life.

Meet Jodie:

Jodie Rodenbaugh is the founder of School of Soul Genius here to unleash the gifts hiding in you and liberate the life you truly came to live.  She’s a speaker, spiritual teacher, life coach, wealth mindset mentor, and two-time best-selling author with a master’s degree in diversity and adversity education, but it’s her love cred that awakened her own gifts and unlocked her Soul Power.  She’s a remarried widow with 5 girls, two dogs, and a luxury camping resort & event space she owns with her husband where they host camps, retreats, weddings, and family events called White Wolf Farms. 

Find Jodie:

On Instagram @jodierodenbaugh

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