Exercise By Design

The secret to staying consistent… or not… with your exercise and health program.

We are not all created the same, especially as far as our bodies. We need different things. Some people need to pump it out and some people simply need a stretch or a light walk.

Check out this episode to see what might fit and work best for you and your Human Design Type.

Find your Human Design type now!

I also shared about my partnership with Beachbody. I love their programs and simple to do at-home programs. I just completed JOB 1 and I’m doing it again.

I have a code you can use for a discount if you want to join me this month in owning your power, moving energy, and feeling your best.

Use code BRITTIAFEB20 FOR $20 OFF a total solution pack (this month only).

Job 1 Shakeology Essentials Total-Solution Pack with BOD <– Get it NOW

After 30 days, monthly Shakeology ($129.95(retail)/$97.46(Coach/PC)), optional monthly BODi ($19.95(retail)/$14.96(Coach/PC)), and annual BOD ($99.00 per year)

You will have to message me for the Preferred Customer Discount!

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