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hey friend,

How exciting! I am over here doing a little happy dance and I hope that you are too!  I’m so glad you’ve found me and took the time to reach out about the potential of working together, and SCALE your business.

When my son was born 7 years ago I entered the world of entrepreneurship, I wanted to be more than just a working mom... I had a desire for so much more. Over the years I gained so much knowledge about running multiple different businesses. When I found human design, my life changed and I finally started embodying my true self. I realized my true dream is to help and support inspiring female entrepreneurs around the world.

I've put my personal experience and multiple years of being a business owner myself, to work by helping my clients take their business to the next level as an Online Business Manager (OBM) by managing their daily operations, coordinating their projects, leading their teams, and giving them more time to do what they're good at.

xoxo, Brittia


Working with my team and I will help you live a life of freedom, so you can do what you love while being able to run your business anywhere, anytime, stress-free.

We help automate and streamline your client onboarding process for easier integration, fewer hassles, and more sales in your business. So forget about giving away your time to things that can be done by software, and dive into the real moneymakers!

We are an online business management agency serving creative service-based businesses. Our mission is to streamline a huge part of your business so you can regain your CEO status and create your business in a way that truly lights you up. 

I’m a 2/4 MG with a lot of leadership, masculine, & 6 lines. It isn’t easy for me to bring people into my business because I typically get things done before I get a chance to pass the baton. I work in flow & co-creation with spirit so when the download comes through it either comes incomplete and ready to roll or it comes in parts and pieces where there’s some wait time for the rest to drop in. 

When it’s go time it’s go time but when the full picture hasn’t landed in quite yet it can be difficult for someone to wait for my pieces to all land. It takes someone who is down with working in chunks or bursts. 

Working with Brittia has been a breeze! Because she understands my design and how I move she can see the things on the backend that will need to be done and proactively moves us there. She’s creating the backend bones that are plug and play when it’s go time and a repeatable process for online launches so I can stay in my flow and not have to jump into the masculine side of things pulling me out of my creative juices. 

Because of her design, she works best in bursts and chunks. As I work through my flow I need to voice things out and she’s amazing at guiding the whole project where it needs to go for the quickest, most efficient route.

Jodie Rodenbaugh

"Because of her design, she works best in bursts and chunks. As I work through my flow I need to voice things out and she’s amazing at guiding the whole project where it needs to go for the quickest, most efficient route."

Brooke Runnebaum

Do you have a successful business? 

Is your business on the cusp of the next level? 

First off, congrats- that's so exciting!

You're on the line between your now and your next level and that is incredible!

Your hustle and journey to this point have been a roller-coaster I'm sure, and the hours you've put in until now have been at the root of your success.BUT, In order to take it to the next level, you need more than just you.

You need the strategies, you need the systems and you need that operational excellence to unlock your next-level business potential.


Ways to work with me and expand your business.


Consultancy & Retainers

I work side by side with you as you grow and scale your business.

Increase your income and impact by expanding your output and getting super clear and intentional with sharing and spreading your gifts.

It's YOU X 2!

Done For You Packages

Let me and my team help you with the back end of your business so you can stop working ON your business and start getting IN it and having some fun.

Personalized offers will get you exactly what you need RIGHT NOW. We meet you where you are and create the perfect package to take the weight off your shoulders.


Systems Setups & Support

Are you ready for a system that supports you and your growth?

We absolutely love HoneyBook to automate and streamline your processes so you can stay client-oriented and give your business and clients what they really need... YOU!

Working with our team of HoneyBook experts helps you get the most out of this amazing system and get the best deals and hookups for getting set up and managed.

Expert Solutions, Professional Delivery

Are you tired of your business running you and not the other way around?

I'm here to DRIVE your business and GUIDE your vision.


What you could do with all that extra time.


the straight-up energy you'll have to inject back into the areas of your life and business that you desire most.